Bebe Chic takes baby steps to bounce back from Sandy

NJ Baby bedding manufacturer ready to stand tall again!

Three years after Hurricane Sandy devastated the east coast of the United States, rebuilding continues to be a slow process for thousands of people who lost their homes and businesses.  Bebe Chic, a manufacturer of luxury baby bedding since 1989, lost most of its inventory after two feet of water ravaged through their first floor facility in Edgewater, New Jersey.

“We were in a large space with a beautiful view of the Hudson River,” said Caren Karpik, Bebe Chic’s owner. “After being there for so many years, we were comfortable, and several of us enjoyed the convenience of bringing our young children to work with us.

According to Karpik, prior to Sandy, bedding was the first thing new parents thought about when planning and designing their baby’s nursery. “Nurseries were much more ‘coordinated,’ and most parents purchased a complete 4-piece set with a lot of matching accessories.”

As the economy turned and furniture became more contemporary, the bedding market started to change. Modern cribs no longer needed dust ruffles, and safety concerns about bedding, along with the need to scale back have all influenced today’s new parents. “The market changed, we lost our space and most of our fabrics,” said Karpik. “We salvaged what we could and worked from home until we were able to find a new facility.”

After years of accumulating a significant inventory, which was destroyed, Sandy forced Bebe Chic to streamline its product-line and operations. As a result, Karpik has bounced back to run a leaner, more efficient operation today.

Bebe Chic cuts and sews each order to the individual customer’s specifications making for a perfect fit, while maintaining their focus on safe sleeping. Karpik takes pride on the intricate level of detail this requires, and also offers alternatives, such adding crib rail guards for parents who want a bumper-less option.

Now fully recovered from the devastating emotional and physical effects from Sandy, Karpik is back to concentrating on growing the Bebe Chic brand with a new website, logo and tagline – Born in Style. Visit Bebe Chic at, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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